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Of the more than 600 covered bridges known to have been built in Indiana, only 90 are still standing. Help us protect & preserve Indiana's historic covered bridges!


Indiana Covered Bridge Society, Inc., is a non-profit corporation organized in 1963 out of a need to arouse interest in the preservation of historic covered bridges.


One of the perks of membership to the Indiana Covered Bridge Society is receiving our quarterly newsletter. It's full of photos, information, and updates on our beautiful covered bridges.


You don't have to be a member to help us in our goal of preserving and protecting Indiana's historic covered bridges.

Get Involved

Are you interested in Indiana history? Do you enjoy spending a weekend outdoors, exploring with friends? Consider coming along on our next Covered Bridge Weekend!

Larry Barnett was instrumental in getting the Cumberland Covered Bridge restored. 


Cumberland Covered Bridge Keeper  

The 'Bridge Keeper' first aired on WIWU-TV in September 2010.  It focused on Matthews, Indiana and Larry Barnett, who fought to restore the bridge that is the landmark for the town and the centerpiece for an annual festival.

"The story is great because of what Larry did over several decades.  That bridge wouldn't be there without him.  We were just lucky enough to capture his passion on TV and pass it along creatively to our audience" said Dr. Randall R. King, producer of the video.

Cumberland CB0020.jpg
Short video honoring Larry Barnett
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