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Indiana's Covered Bridges

Of more than 600 covered historic bridges known to have been built in Indiana, 90 are still standing. Some of these still carry traffic while others are bypassed, and a few have been moved to parks or memorials; five of our historic covered bridges are located on private property.


Standard terms are used throughout this site and in research regarding bridges. Find a list of the most common terms with their definitions here.

Truss Types

There are many common trusses used in Indiana's Covered Bridges. Most builders had one or two they used in their constuctions. See them here.

Bridge Builders

Who were the men who designed and built these structures? Learn about a few of the more noteworthy builders here.

Locating Bridges

Discover how you can use Google Earth to locate and view Indiana's Covered Bridges from your home. Use it to plan a trip of your own to see them in person.  Get started here.

Bridge Listing

See a list of all the covered bridges in Indiana, on private and on public land, as well as detailed statistical information on each one.

Photo Gallery

Browse through a gallery of Indiana's Covered Bridges, complete with facts.

Public Covered Bridges are here.

Private Covered Bridges are here.

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