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Locating Indiana Covered Bridges

One of the newest Internet tools for finding places is Google Earth ... not only can you see satellite "birds-eye-views" of places, you can also get detailed driving directions that when printed provide pictures of the intersections!!!

To get started, you first need to download a viewer to your computer (this is just like when you download Adobe Acrobat Reader) ... to start, click the button below and then come back to this page after you are finished with the install

Now that you have the viewer, you will be able to open a special file that I made and posted online for anyone interested in Indiana Covered Bridges to use so they can see and find their favorite bridge.

When you click on the link (it's at the bottom of this page but read on so you know how to use the information), Google Earth will open and zoom in on one of the Indiana covered bridges ... if you were to zoom in and out, you would be able to find all the bridges marked on the map and, if you were looking in Putnam County, you might see the following page:

While it's always kind of fun to just explore on your own by zooming around, you may notice that on the left side of the screen the bridges are listed by county ... if you are interested in a particular bridge, say for instance Houck (circled in red above), you can double click on the blue text and you will see the following page:

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