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Our Society

Indiana Covered Bridge Society, Inc., is a non-profit corporation organized in 1963 out of a need to arouse interest in the preservation of historic covered bridges. Through the years, this has been accomplished by working with local historic groups and interested parties to stimulate a sense of pride in protecting their historic bridges. It is through these efforts that our historic bridges can be preserved and restored.


These historic landmarks are located in many places considered to be out-of-the-way today, but were once hubs of commerce. Over 600 bridges were built to transport products and services between 1820 and 1922; only 90 are still standing today. While some still carry traffic, others are bypassed or preserved in parks and memorials.


The greatest concentration of Indiana covered bridges can be found in west-central Indiana: Parke County has thirty-one standing bridges, and Putnam County has nine. Parke County is the undisputed Covered Bridge Capital of the USA, and hosts an annual festival each October that attracts more than one million visitors.


We thank you for visiting our site and hope to have you join us on one of our trips to see these historic landmarks. Please consider partnering with us in our quest to save and preserve these amazing structures.

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